Student Highlights

Published: October 24th, 2016

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Taylor Repetto a MSE junior has been selected to give a poster presentation on at the 2017 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition in Minneapolis, MN.  Her research in Dr. Allen’s lab focuses on electrospun scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering.  Additionally, she was awarded Wentworth Travel Scholarship and the Center for Undergraduate Research Travel Stipend.

Ji Hyun Kim  

“I have been in Professor Nino’s lab since the summer of 2014 working on various research projects. I have worked on colossal permittivity of barium strontium titanate, ionic conductivity of ceria, dielectric properties of PZT thin films, and also materials characterization of archaeological artifacts. Equipment such as Scanning Electron Microscope located in the Undergraduate Laboratories has been integral to my research work. In addition to the research experience within UF, I have done two industry internships in South Korea. One working on electro-optical instruments and another working on graphene transfer and artificial hair sensors. I have also participated  in NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program at University of California, Santa Barbara. There, I worked on an instrumental project of constructing a microcalorimeter. From these experiences I have completed a poster and an oral presentation. I have also had two coauthor publications regarding the colossal permittivity of barium strontium titanate. I was able to relate a lot of the topics I learned in the undergraduate courses to numerous research projects. I plan to pursue a PhD in materials science after I graduate.”

This section is designed to showcase the accomplishments of the undergraduate students here at MSE. Every month a new student will share a few words about their experience and future goal in “Student Highlights” section. If you are a current or former student and would like to share your accomplishments and goals, please contact Dr. Nancy J Ruzycki at