TMS 2017 Bladesmithing Completion

Published: March 3rd, 2017

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The University of Florida Materials Advantage chapter took part in the TMS 2017 Bladesmithing completion at the annual TMS meeting in San Diego California.  The UF team, led by black smith Jordan Borstelman of Crooked Path Forge (, hand forged an 8 inch recurve Bowie knife out of pattern welded Damascus steel.  From forge welding, to shaping, and the final heat treatment, the UF team worked closely with Jordan to learn about the craft of blade forging from an expert artisan’s perspective. The learning experience swung both ways, as this was Jordan’s first time working on a Damascus blade. After forging and heat treatment, microstructural and mechanical characterization was done on the blade to allow students to put forth the materials science knowledge the students have been procuring over the years.  While the team did not take home any hardware this year, it was an outstanding experience to both make the blade and meet the competing teams.  To see the video submissions for the 2017 competition, they can be found at: