Optimization of 3D Printing Parameters and SLA Printer for Ceramic Resin Print

Published: August 28th, 2017

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Noha Peter is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in the Herbert Wertheim College of Enginering at University of Florida. Noha is working in collaboration with the Material Science and Engineering Department; specially, using the equipment on Lattice Undergraduate Labs and the guidance of Dr.Nancy J. Ruzycki.

Noha is studying how 3D printing parameters (layer thickness & print orientation) can affect mechanical behavior of thermoplastic PLA through extrusion printing. He is investigating the optimum combination of parameters that will yield better strength and resistance to failure. The lack of knowledge about the relation between print parameters and mechanical behavior of PLA drives Noha’s interest in developing a guideline of the optimum 3D printing conditions of PLA that will improve reproducibility of parts during manufacturing. Noha Peter is also working on the optimization of an SLA printer with the goal of improving accuracy and printing resolution of parts produced in ceramic resin.

Noha Peter has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT-Calicut, India. After he finished his undergraduate studies, Noha worked as an equipment engineer for an oil and gas engineering consultancy for 3 years; here was were Noha developed special interest in product’s design and manufacturing.  After finishing his Master Degree, Noha Peter plans to go back to work, but this time he is focused on integrating additive manufacturing and 3D printing into mass production.