Improving Resolution and Accuracy of 3D SLA Printers

Published: August 29th, 2017

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Leslie Rodriguez and Daniel Alvarez are undergraduate students in the Material Science and Engineering Department. They are working on the optimization of SLA 3D Printers.

Leslie is working with the new optimization feature known as Pattern Mode instead of the default feature known as Video Mode to get a better resolution print as evidenced by sharpness.

Daniel is working on achieving dimensionally accurate 3D printed models using Ember’s Standard Clear resin. He is investigating the way UV light interacts with the resin while printing to better understand why prints don’t always result in perfect 1:1 models thus hopefully shedding some light as to how they can manipulate the machine into achieving these more accurate models

Leslie and Daniel’s project will add to the understanding of 3D SLA printing and serve as a guide that can be applied for successful 3D printing with many other resins highly accurate models. The level of fine details resulting from the optimization of 3D SLA printing can be used in a large range of additive manufacturing application, from creating prosthetics to ceramic filters.

Leslie Rodriguez is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Materials Science and Engineering. After she graduates, Leslie plans to apply to Graduate School to pursue a PhD.

Daniel is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Sciences as well as a minor in Material Science. After graduating, he plans to go to Dental School here at UF. Daniel wants to incorporate what he learned through Nutritional Science and Material Science in his future practice of Dentistry.