3D Printing of Middle Ear Prosthetics

Published: September 18th, 2017

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Gavin Carter is a 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree on Material Science Engineering. Gavin is working on 3D printing middle ear prosthetics by using non-traditional materials.

The goal of his project is to design a way to print out middle ear prosthetics by using things like resins or other polymers, which can function as well as if not better than traditional materials, like titanium. With this research, Gavin Carter is contributing to find a solution that will optimize the printing of middle ear prosthetics. In addition, the aim to make middle ear prosthetics more affordable for consumers, while maintaining the proper functionality and durability of the ear piece.

Once Gavin Carter graduate, he would like to pursue a career in the Bio-materials or Biomedical field. Eventually, Gavin would like to own my own research facility to further my research in the Biomedical/Bio-materials field and to hopefully help those in need while doing so.