General Information

Maintaining a culture of having a safe working environment in the undergraduate laboratories is the number one priority. Before working in the lab, everybody MUST complete the Environmental Health & Safety’s Laboratory Safety training session annually.

All faculty members, staff, students and volunteers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their lab partners and visitors to their laboratories. It is their responsibility to wear the personal protective equipment(PPE), adhere to safety rules and regulations, and to know and follow all emergency procedures. Observed hazards or potential hazards must be identified, reported, and make sure are corrected immediately.

Before working in the laboratories, everybody MUST review the following documents:

In addition, it is REQUIRED to fill out, sign, and return the following documents EVERY SEMESTER:

Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and glove compatibility charts are important starting point in order to ensure safety while working with chemicals and deciding the required PPE. A glove compatibility chart and a folder containing the MSDS of the chemicals used is available in every lab; they can also be found here.